Indus Battle Royale Game Trailer: This will Put India on the Global Gaming Map!

Indus Battle Royale is the Next Generation Game Play developed by Pune based Company SuperGaming SG. Indus Battle Royale Game First Trailer has been released on Republic Day 2023 and It Went Viral onto the Internet as This is For the First Time Any Indian Company is Creating Such Big Game That can Put India in a Global Map of Gaming Industry.

indus battle royale trailer

Indus Battle Royale Game will give you the Experience Similar to Other Battle Mobile Games Like PubG, BGMI, Apex Legends, Fortnite etc. Indus Battle Royale Promises High End Graphics, Customized Avatar and much more Rewards during a Play. Indus Battle Royale Game Play Mission is to Survive and Portal out with the Coveted Element, Cosmium.

So, Indus Battle Royale will take you to the New Universe of Gaming with its unique Weapons, Gear and Costumes. IBR is Optimized for Mobile Devices So, it will Run Smoothly in High End Mobile Devices. It is designed to feel Great to Shoot and as Brutal to be shot at. Watch Indus Battle Royale Trailer here.

As a Mythwalker, this is your first glimpse into the Indo-Futuristic battleground of Virlok along with Paragons – our version of character skins. The Indus Battle Royale Game will be Shortly Available to Download for Android and iOS Smartphones. Pre-Registration for Indus Battle Royale have been already Started. There is a Surprise for Those Who Pre-Register on Google Play Store.

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